EDS-2ip/4ip Technology

In Panel Aircraft Oxygen System featuring the MH patented *FDOC* "Pulse-Demand"™ Technology.

Designed for general aviation from the ground up,the MH-EDS 2ip and 4ip (Electronic Oxygen Delivery System) are extremely precise multi-person in panel FADOC™ (Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control) aviation oxygen delivery systems.  The MH-EDS technology utilizes patented technology to provide the most efficient, yet smallest and lightest, aviation oxygen system available. The MH-EDS monitors micro-pressure changes from your breathing, delivering a precise individual pulse of oxygen at the instant each inhaling cycle is detected.  Precious oxygen that is otherwise lost (by using the constant flow method) is saved by using the MH "Pulse-Demand™" system. Call us to answer any questions and to help you build a system for your specific needs.



Notice of change to ip Distributors

Starting June 1, 2013 all ip Distributors will now be fitted with the One-Touch style outlet fitting.

This fitting utilizes the same 6mm connector used on our proven portable EDS systems.

This was accomplished to insure a positive and improved connection from the distributor to the cannula or face mask while eliminating the possibility of breakage of the older bayonet style connector. The original intent with the Bayonet connector was to create a breakaway from the cannula in the event the aircraft was exited while unintentionally wearing the cannula or facemask. However, through customer feedback we learned that this feature created failure problems with the Bayonet style connector.

Upgrades are available for older Distributors

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