Electric Cylinder Pressure Gauges



Our lighted electric instrument-panel-mountable cylinder pressure gages come in two sizes. The EPG-601a fits standard 1.25" cutout. The EPG-600a fits standard 2.25" instrument hole. Both allow you to place the guage anywhere you desire without the concern for the high-pressure line from the cylinder. The gauges have a precision sin/cosin air core coil movement for ruggedness and accuracy through a wide voltage range (10 to 28 VDC).       A small DE-09 connector on the rear of the gauge supplies all the connections needed. Lighting is internal with optional or existing el lighting power supply. The EPSU600 2-wire (4-20 ma.current-loop) electric pressure sending unit has a SAE-4 boss. It can be mounted directly to the RCV/RVR,IPR,PCR regulators or our SAE manifolds. They can be used with any 4-20 ma. (0-3000 psi) current loop sending unit.