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*FADOC(Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control)

July 1, 2012 Redmond Oregon... Mountain High’s newest portable oxygen Helicopter technology breakthrough is the two-person to four person “MH EDS O2D2 Pulse Demand*FADOCRotorcraft Oxygen Delivery System that enables the pilot to utilize the advantages of the portable patented Pulse-Demand MH system for those that do not have and need a helicopter oxygen system.

The MH EDS O2D2 is the only single unit, portable, two-place (four place with two O2D2 units), carry-on Pulse-Demanddigitized oxygen system currently available for helicopters as well as other non-pressurized aircraft.

Easy to use, the two-person O2D2 Pulse-Demandreduces oxygen system workload to almost nil. There are no oxygen flow indicators to watch or manually operated constant flow valves to adjust due to altitude changes. Simple push buttons cycle the O2D2 that will automatically deliver the required supplemental oxygen via cannulas or face mask for the higher flying altitudes.

The MH EDS O2D2, with the patented digital electronic Pulse Demand*FADOCoxygen delivery system, enables the rotorcraft pilot and passenger/crew to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet with complete safety and comfort. Different from the “standard” constant flow systems, the O2D2 Pulse Demandsystem wastes no oxygen during the breathing cycle (exhaling and pausing before inhaling again) when oxygen is not being delivered to the lungs. The average O2D2 Pulse Demanduser will enjoy a conservative consumption drop of four (4) times compared to the constant flow systems. The system operates, with two people, or four (with two units) for up to 150 hours on three AA alkaline batteries.

The complete standard portable system consists of an aluminum oxygen cylinder (buyer has a choice of sizes), a cylinder carry case, seat-back strapping, primary reducing regulator, low pressure service line, connection fittings, the MH EDS O2D2 Pulse Demandunit, breathing cannulas, face masks, and a tote bag. It is a complete system.The complete (including aluminum cylinder) two-place MH EDS O2D2 Pulse DemandFADOC Oxygen Delivery System starts at $1100.

A variety of options are available to meet specific needs of the individual pilot. The O2D2 system and options can be ordered, with quick delivery, from Mountain High Equipment & Supply Company. To order, contact Mountain High Equipment & Supply at 800-468-8185 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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