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ALPS Face mask and the BOSE headset
Nasal-oral facemasks with microphones can now operate properly with the BOSE (6 Pin LEMO) headset. Because both microphones inject into your audio system at once, you will need to switch-out the Bose microphone and switch-in the facemask microphone with this PA-100B microphone switch-over adapter. Without doing this your voice over the intercom and, most importantly, the radio will be degraded to the point that center will have trouble hearing you.

The PA-100B BOSE microphone-only switch-over adapter does nothing to the stereo earphone circuit. The Adapter has a switch (M for Mask, S for headset) that allows you to easily switch between the two microphones without fiddling with connectors.


Product name: PA-100B

Description: Alps Mic. Mask/Bose Adapter Assembly

MH Item #: AMSK0-0106-00

219.00 USD